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Our services redefine what’s possible by seamlessly integrating AI capabilities directly on your Drone and Edge Devices!

Regardless of whether you’re in manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, or any other industry, our Edge-AI solutions are crafted to make your operations more efficient than ever. Explore a realm of instantaneous decision-making, reduced latency, and enhanced security through our 3 Support Packages:

Essential Support

Our Essential Support Package offers limited customization and consultation services, granting access to a pre-existing model from our model zoo and up to 80 hours of engineering support.

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Premium Support

Our Premium Support Package offers moderate customization and consultation services, including regular updates and reviews, along with same-day responses to your queries.

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Enterprise Support

Our Enterprise Support Package offers extensive customization and consultation services, featuring a dedicated resource for account management and immediate responses to your queries.

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Package Essential Support Premium Support Enterprise Support
Application Basic Real-time Analysis, Data Collection Advanced Detection, Seamless Integration Sophisticated Applications, Extensive Customization
  • Limited customization and consultation.
  • Existing model from our model zoo.
  • Tailored to meet customer requirements.
  • Moderate customization and consultation.
  • Ongoing updates and reviews.
  • Dataset annotation and model fine-tuning for improved accuracy.
  • Automated model update pipeline.
  • Custom post-processing SDK.
  • Extensive customization and consultation.
  • Dedicated account management.
  • Multi-modal MLOps pipeline.
  • Access to our entire model zoo for over 50 customised EDGE models.
  • Remote application deployment, maintenance, scalability, and version control.
  • Comprehensive solution including hardware and software integration.
Track and Reports
  • AI workload optimization.
  • Enhanced MLOps pipeline.
  • Model quantization for efficiency.
  • Data pre-processing for improved data handling.
  • Post-processing API extensions for flexible output processing.
  • Everything from Essential Support.
  • Custom SDK for extensibility to meet specific needs.
  • Everything from Premium Support.
  • Regular performance and service reviews.
  • Custom dashboards with telemetry analytics, remote control, and admin panel.
  • Completely customised solution to suit specific requirements.
  • API integrations with Drone sensors and flight controllers.
  • Everything from Essential Support.
  • Custom API services.
  • Everything from Premium Support.
  • Completely customised.
  • Tailored to your unique needs and requirements.
Service and Support
  • Up to 80 hours of monthly engineering support.
  • Priority response within 24 hours.
  • Additional support hours billed separately if exceeded.
  • Service delivery subject to team's capacity and availability.
  • Up to 150 hours of monthly engineering support.
  • Same-day response.
  • Additional support hours billed separately if exceeded.
  • Service features can be customised to meet additional requirements and resources as needed.
  • Support hours tailored to client needs and preferences.
  • Immediate response, typically within 0-1 hours


What is included in the Enhanced Object Recognition in the Essential Support Package?

Enhanced Object Recognition improves object detection and classification capabilities for basic tasks, ensuring more accurate and reliable recognition for surveying and monitoring tasks.

The Essential Support Package guarantees priority response within 24 hours, allowing for quick issue resolution and minimized downtime.

Yes, it allows for minor alterations and consultations to align with individual project specifics, addressing basic customization needs effectively.

The Premium Support Package offers enhanced capabilities in data collection and in-depth analysis, enabling more informed and effective decision-making for optimizing operations.
Regular updates and reviews are conducted periodically to ensure that the solutions remain optimal, relevant, and up-to-date, with the frequency being agreed upon during the subscription to the package.
Absolutely, the Premium Support Package offers more advanced customization options and expert consultations to accommodate varied and diverse project requirements effectively.
The Multimodal MLOps Pipeline in the Enterprise Support Package allows for the processing and analysis of multiple data types concurrently, offering a holistic view and richer insights into complex projects.
Yes, the Enterprise Support Package provides extensive customization possibilities and expert consultations to meet and exceed the complexities of any project requirements.
Dedicated Account Management ensures uninterrupted support, swift issue resolution, and smooth operational flow, providing a single point of contact for all support-related needs and concerns.
Yes, you can upgrade your support package anytime to accommodate evolving project needs and requirements. The transition will be seamless, ensuring uninterrupted service and support.
The packages are structured to address specific needs; however, we can discuss and explore customizable solutions that best align with your project requirements.
Typically, the availability of a trial period depends on the terms agreed upon during the subscription process. Please contact our sales team for more details on trial availability for your desired package.
Priority Response and Dedicated Account Management ensure timely support, but availability may vary based on the package. Please refer to the specific terms of each package or contact our sales team for precise details on service availability.