ClearSpot for Telecom Inspection

Leverage Real-time AI Analysis for Unmatched Efficiency and Precision

10 x

Faster inspection, perform in minutes

50 %

Saving on monitoring expenses

30 %

Reduction in tower and antenna downtime.

Built for Seamless Tower
Inspection and Monitoring

Multi-Platform Solutions

Designed with flexibility and modularity to seamlessly connect with any drone or UAV models

Cutting Edge Technology

Built with ML, AI and computer vision capabilities to make sense of data in real-time.

Photogrammetric Image Recognition

Extract insights from hard-to-detect patterns and anomalies for quick decision-making

Customised Solutions

Build to fit your bill. Designed to meet your specific use case, hardware models.

Endless Possibilities for Telco Inspections with ClearSpot

Accurate Monitoring, Maintenance, & Diagnostics

Ensure precise monitoring, maintenance, and diagnostics of cell towers and antennas for optimal performance and safety.

Detects structural issues, rust, wear and tear, and damage to towers with ClearSpot solutions, enabling timely interventions and preventing further damage.

Identify faulty components through drone inspections and enable swift replacements, minimising downtime and saving valuable time and resources.

Gather critical data from drone inspections, and make informed decisions with real-time insights about equipment maintenance, optimising performance and longevity.

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