ClearSpot for Modern Farming

Say hello to automated precision farming with our software solutions.    

10 x

Faster mapping, from hours to a few minute

50 %

Saving on monitoring expenses

20 %

Boost in crop yields year on year

Fast And Efficient Solution For Event Detection and Response

Multi-Platform Solutions

Designed with flexibility and modularity to seamlessly connect with any drone or UAV models

Cutting Edge Technology

Built with ML, AI and computer vision capabilities to make sense of data in real-time.

Photogrammetric Image Recognition

Extract insights from hard-to-detect patterns and anomalies for quick decision-making

Enterprise Grade Security

Attain a high level of security provided by our on-premises solution.

Effortlessly Map, Analyse, Count, and Optimise Fields in Minutes

Analyze Crop and Soil Health

Leverage AI-powered image processing to detect concerns, identify nutrient deficiencies, and optimise crop growth and soil health.

Automate plant tallying across vast fields for real-time insights on crop density and efficient resource allocation.

Solve manual weed detection with our solutions. Get rid of pesky crop growth with help of real-time field insights for timely action.

Manage disaster relief scenarios and operations such as wildfires to facilitate early fire or smoke detection in the farm field.

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