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Break free from traditional limitations with real-time processing, unlocking unmatched efficiency and precision, a game-changer in your field!

ClearSpot is a 🇪🇺 European company, compliant with GDPR, with servers in 🇪🇺 Europe & 🇺🇸 USA depending on your preference!             ClearSpot is a 🇪🇺 European company, compliant with GDPR, with servers in 🇪🇺 Europe & 🇺🇸 USA depending on your preference!

Redefining the Landscape of Drone and Edge Services

Our specialised focus lies in delivering cutting-edge Edge AI Services, primarily in Computer Vision Applications at the Edge. These services are instrumental for real-time detection and analysis, finding applications across industries where immediate and precise data processing is essential, such as drones, CCTV cameras, IoT devices, embedded systems, automotive edge devices and more.

Our offerings are meticulously crafted to address the complexities and intricacies of the drone and Edge spaces, ensuring tailored solutions that effectively meet specific client needs.

Aerial Surveys and Mapping​

Accurate data for development, agriculture, infrastructure, improving decision-making, cost, and safety.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

Transforming data into actionable insights, optimising resources, and increasing efficiency and profitability.

Object Recognition and Detection​

Enhancing security, automating processes, and reducing operational risks.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerting​

Implementing real-time systems using edge AI for anomaly detection, security, and event alerts.

Sky is The True Limit at

Analyze Crop and Soil Health

Leverage AI-powered image processing to detect concerns, identify nutrient deficiencies, and optimise crop growth and soil health.

Detect Fire at the Earliest

Manage disaster relief scenarios and operations such as wildfires to facilitate early fire or smoke detection in the farm field.

Streamline Construction Operations

Enhance project management and streamline construction operations with real-time aerial monitoring, progress tracking, and site analysis.

Accurate Monitoring, Maintenance, & Diagnostics

Ensure precise monitoring, maintenance, and diagnostics of cell towers and antennas for optimal performance and safety.

Swift Component Replacement

Identify faulty components through drone inspections and enable swift replacements, minimising downtime and saving valuable time and resources.

Optimize Energy Infrastructure Maintenance

Enhance safety protocols and site security through drone surveillance, monitoring hazardous areas, and identifying potential risks, ensuring a secure working environment.

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