2D Mapping

The 2D Mapping framework builds a consistent 2D Map from approximately planar aerial images taken from a UAV using Feature based Image Stitching.

Power Line Fault Detection

The “Power Line Fault Inspection” project is dedicated to enhancing the reliability and safety of power transmission systems

Sheep Monitoring

This image showcases a live video frame captured by a drone equipped with YOLO (You Only Look Once) object detection.

LandMine Detection

The “Computer Vision-Based Landmine Detection System” project is dedicated to improving the safety of individuals

Solar Panel Crack Detection

The “Solar Panel Crack Detection System Using Drone-Based Computer Vision” project is aimed at improving the reliability

Solar Panel Dirt Detection

The “Solar Panel Dirt Detection System Using Drone-Based Computer Vision” project focuses on enhancing the performance

Livestock Detection

In this scenario, we witness the powerful combination of drone technology and a sophisticated deep learning framework.

Wind Turbine Inspection

In this scenario, a drone flies in a custom programmed path around the wind turbines and captures images.